• Seasonal Treats Box

    A fabulous selection of Christmas cake, a choice of preserves, chocolates and biscuits, carefully arranged in a festive green coloured gift box, perfect for enjoying with a cup of wonderful English Afternoon tea.
    £14.90 1 retailer
  • Down Under Red Wine Case

    This distinctive decorative case, with its antique map print design and ornate metal clasp, makes a beautiful presentation case. Inside, a bottle of delicious red wine.
    £18.90 1 retailer
  • Traditional Fruit Hamper

    A tasty, traditional fresh fruit basket, bursting with flavour and including apples, oranges, kiwi, pears and pineapple, delivered in a pretty wicker tray. A fabulous, healthy gift perfect for an array of occasions or sentiments.
    £19.90 1 retailer
  • Sparkling Wine Gift Box

    A bottle of Prosecco Pinot Grigio Blush, or sparkling rose as most of us know it, in a presentation gift box with tasty Belgian chocolate. Pop a cork to celebrate!
    £19.90 1 retailer
  • Taste of Christmas Gift Box

    This charming little gift box is a perfect taste of Christmas – even better it's the tastes we all love! Tuck into some Walker's Shortbreads which are bound to melt in the mouth when accompanied with the warming English Breakfast tea. Or layer the Bramble Strawberry jam on some warm toast for a chilly morning. Read more...
    £21.90 1 retailer
  • Sweetie Joy in a Jar

    This jar of goodies is the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas gift. Filled with the 'one penny' sweets of your youth, take your recipient back in time to their childhood sweet shop where they probably spent hours deciding how to spend their hard-earned pocket money! There'll be no waiting around here or decision making to Read more...
    £22.90 1 retailer
  • Botanics

    The freshest roses and lime green blooms are the key to this beautiful botanical flower experience. The simple, clean palette is always a favourite, finished nicely with contrasting foliage and palm leaves for a dramatic edge.
    £24.90 1 retailer
  • Bordeaux and Cheese Knives

    A bottle of Bordeaux red wine, plus four cheese knives to suit all cheese types, displayed in a stylish black gift presentation case. For connoisseurs of wine, cheese and the finer things in life.
    £24.90 1 retailer
  • Port and Cheese Gift Box

    A bottle of port, a fine cheese, and gourmet savoury biscuits, packed in a decorative wooden presentation gift case. Pefect for sharing after an indulgent festive dinner!
    £25.90 1 retailer
  • Haribo Happiness

    Everyone loves a good bag of Haribo sweets, and that's exactly what you'll get in this sweet tasting gift box. For those who can't resist finishing a whole bag – don't worry – you get 13! And so this gift box should last a lifetime (or at the very least, a weekend). Whether it's a Read more...
    £26.90 1 retailer
  • Australian Classics

    A selection of three best-selling, classic Australian wines – the perfect BBQ accompaniment! Two reds and a white make this the perfect accompaniment to an alfresco cookout – whether red meat, chicken or fish, perhaps even delicious BBQ blackened veggie skewers. Bottoms up!
    £28.90 1 retailer
  • Down Under Wine Duo

    This vintage-style binocular-style case, with its antique map print design and ornate metal clasp, makes a beautiful presentation case. Inside, one bottle each of red and white wine.
    £29.90 1 retailer
  • New World Wine Chest

    More arriving in time for Christmas A two-tier wooden pirate's chest gift box holds a delicious bounty of six New World wines. Whether you love white, red or rose, you'll find treasure in this hamper.
    £29.90 1 retailer
  • Panettone Passion

    A slice of cake straight out of Italy's most skilled bakeries – now that will impress for sure! This lovely ribboned box contains a delightful sweet loaf, and tastes just as fresh and delicious as a slice of panettone straight from the kitsch cafes of Milan. A perfect gift for a dessert fan who wants Read more...
    £29.90 1 retailer
  • Chilean Trio

    Deservedly popular, Chilean wines continue to go from strength to strength and this trio is no exception! Sample some of the best wines currently on offer from South America – you won't be disappointed!
    £29.90 1 retailer
  • Rococo Caspar Hamper

    Making some of the finest chocolates in the world Rococo was founded in 1983 by Chantel Coady who wished to share her love for chocolate with others. Amassing over three decades of chocolate making experience Rococo's award-winning chocolates are now enjoyed by thousands of customers around the world. Now you can treat a loved one Read more...
    £29.99 1 retailer
  • Christmas Diva

    A bottle of pink sparkling wine, and wine tools and gadgets, in a funky retro coordinating pink and silver presentation gift case. An ideal gift for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion whether 18 or 81!
    £31.90 1 retailer
  • Deluxe Fruit Basket

    Bursting with colour, this tasty, fresh fruit basket includes everything from pineapple, mango and melon to plums, pears and more. Delivered in an attractive dark brown wicker basket, this delicious healthy gift is certain to be well received!
    £32.90 1 retailer
  • Stilton and Port

    A charming wooden gift box with rope handle slides open to reveal a bottle of port, a ceramic jar of Cropwell Bishop stilton cheese, a jar of chutney and gourmet savoury biscuits.
    £32.90 1 retailer
  • Taste of Italty Wine Pair

    Cater to every recipients taste with a bottle of red and white from the renowned Italian grape growing Zonin region. This gift screams authenticity and outstanding quality – after all, your recipient deserves only the best! The bottle of Pinot Grigio is perfect chilled and enjoyed on its own or with chicken and fish, and Read more...
    £33.90 1 retailer